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Churchill Tyres duly takes care of your privacy and is committed to safeguarding it from any unlawful means. The following policies describe the type of information we will collect from you when you use our website. It will also illustrate our practices for collecting, protecting, using, maintaining and disclosing the information.

We request you to go through our Privacy Policy carefully to understand the types of data we store and their importance. You can further use the website only if you accept these policies. In case you find any term unacceptable, please do not use the website or share any personal data.

  • 1.Information we collect

    We collect several pieces of information about the users of our website, which may include personal data like name, email address, phone number, search history, location, area code, product interest, IP address, operating system, host domain, etc., defined under the applicable laws.

    These data are solely collected to improve the functioning of our website and offer a more personalised experience. These data enable us to:

    1) Determine the website traffic patterns and sources

    2) Allow us to understand which pages and contents are highly popular

    3) Understand the site search patterns to improve the navigational property of our site

    4) Measure the number and frequency of visit and average time spent on the site

    5) Analyse the overall site performance

    Churchill Tyres will not store any personal information that may be infringing your basic rights like race, ethnicity, beliefs, ideology, political inclination, etc. Furthermore, none of your personal information will be disclosed to any third-party business organisation until and unless they are directly related to Churchill Tyres.

    We are, however, entitled to share the information if requested by the police or any other government authorities investigating suspected illegal activities.

    By accepting Our Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and confirm that you will not consider this as a breach of your rights.

  • 2. Google Analytics

    Some portion of this website uses Google Analytics. This specific web analytic service place " Cookies", also known as text files, on your computer that enables the website to understand your usage pattern and preferences better. These information are processed, transmitted and stored by Google on servers in the United States.

    We use these data to analyse the site's performance and conduct future improvement on the site to enhance user's experience. Google may share these pieces of information with third-party websites by law but will not associate your IP address.

    You can opt-out being tracked by Google Analytics by selecting appropriate options and settings on your browser.

    For further information on cookies and to learn how to manage and delete them, you can visit

  • 3. Cookies policy

    This website of Churchill Tyres uses text files or cookies to make the website work more efficiently and offer you a better browsing experience. Cookies allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, it remembers your preferences and therefore enables us to provide a more personalised user experience. Cookies also ensure that the adverts that you receive are more relevant to your needs and interests.

    This website primarily uses 3 types of cookies.

    1) Strictly necessary cookies These cookies are extremely crucial for the adequate operation of our website. It enables you to log into the secure areas of our website. However, these cookies do not collect any information for marketing purposes or to identify the pages you visited on the internet. These cookies cannot be disabled.

    2) Google Analytics cookies These cookies collect your information in an anonymous form. It allows us to count the number of visitors to our website, identify them by age and interest and analyse how they use our site and therefore enables us to improve our site's performance so that our users can easily access what they are looking for. You can disable these cookies by using the suitable settings in your web browser.

    3) Content management system cookies Content management system cookies stores basic information about the users and helps us maintain the website's CMS. These cookies do not store any personal information and are encrypted. Content management system cookies are temporary and expire as soon as you close the browser.

  • 4. How we process your information

    Please read the section below to understand how we process your personal information and the corresponding legal basis.

    1) We will use the personal information to carry out all necessary obligations of a contract between you and us and provide you with the products and services requested for.

    2) To ensure the content from our site is adequately presented on your computer so that you can participate in the interactive features of our service.

    3) To make our website safe and secure and offer you better technical support.

    4) To provide you information about some requested products, respond to inquiries, and notify you about our website changes.

    5) To provide you with information about goods and services that we feel may be of your interest.

  • 5. Third-party access

    Churchill Tyres do not disclose any information to any third party for their own marketing purposes. However, we may share your information with our:

    1)Affiliates, entities, service providers that work on our behalf and are bound by legal obligations to keep all personal data confidential.

    2) Parties connected with corporate transactions as a part of merger or transfer.

    3) We may also transfer the personal information to our affiliates across borders from the jurisdiction of your country to that of a different country.

    4) Government authorities for any legal process.

  • 6. Link sites

    This website may share links related to websites, content and data of other companies. However, we do not have any control over external links. We, therefore, do not guarantee any breach of personal information that occurs due to clicking on such links. Consequently, we recommend you to go through the Privacy Policy of the external sites in detail.

  • 7. Technical measures

    We undertake the following technical measures to prevent loss, alteration, theft, and damage of your personal information and maintain security.

    1) Your personal information is protected by special security measures like encrypted folders, file lock functions, and limited data transmission.

  • 8. User rights and obligations

    Churchill Tyres will take all measures to protect your personal information. However, the company will not be liable for any mishap due to your own error or basic fault of the internet.

    We also allow you to exercise certain rights under the applicable law like:

    • • Requesting to access information about how the data is being processed.
    • • Right to request erasure or rectification of certain data.
    • • Request for data portability or transmitting some of your personal information to some other controller.
    • • Right to lodge complaints with Government supervisory authorities.

    These privacy policies became effective from 26th May 2021. Churchill Tyres holds the absolute right to change any terms of the policies for the best interest of the company's website and the users. We request you to check these pages periodically for any such updates.