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The Buy More Tyres is an auto garage based in Newbury, that provides tyres, to customers across the UK. The Buy More Tyres is based at

Fusion Fulfilment, Buy More Tyres, AGL House, 133 Cheetham Road ,Cheetham ,B71 4JZ They can be contacted through email (

All the terms and conditions that are stated on this page govern the relationship between the company The Buy More Tyres and their customers.


“We” or “Our” refers to The Buy More Tyres

“Our site” or “Our website” refers to the company

website owned and controlled by The Buy More Tyres.

“You” refers to our customers and visitors/users of our website.

Please go through the terms and conditions mentioned on this page thoroughly:

1. Online price and transactions

The price of the all the products that we render is in pounds, with the cost of labour and part, and VAT included.

Online purchase from us does not put you in any contractual obligations with us; it represents an offer from you to buy and/or use the products we provide.

We are well within our rights to postpone or cancel the order, even after providing an order confirmation to you, if we are unable to fulfil that order. We may be unable to fulfil that order if the purchased product is out of stock or the information about the purchased product is found to be incorrect. In this case, we will contact you and offer an equivalent product/ reschedule the cancelled appointment. If we fail to find an agreement over the new offer, then you may cancel the order and claim a full refund. We are not accountable for any loss that results from the delay in processing your order or its cancellation. We are only liable to refund the customer for the cancelled order.

2. Returns/Refunds

If the product is confirmed faulty by the manufacturer, then we shall refund the cost of the replacement tyre in full. We are only liable to refund you for the purchase of the faulty tyre.

3. Cancellations

For online order cancellation, it must be made in 24 hours from the time of purchase for you to be eligible to claim a full refund.

4. Copyright

All the material present on our site is copyrighted to us. Unauthorised use of our material for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. You may use it to view, store, copy, and print the material on our site for the personal and non-commercial purpose only. Use of our material for commercial purpose is considered as copyright infringement and may force us to take strict actions against you such as site-access restriction, financial compensation demand, and legal proceedings.

5. Payment

We accept payments for our products in the form of debit card, credit card, or any other valid bank cards.

6. Guarantee claims

The tyres we sell on our site and garage, are covered by manufacturer's guarantee. When you claim a guarantee on the product we provide, you must present the claim with an invoice that serves as a proof of purchase. Your guarantee claim may get rejected based on following grounds:

The concerned product has been damaged because of failure of adherence to manufacturer's servicing and operating instructions.

The concerned product has been damaged because of a natural calamity, theft or normal wear and tear.

The concerned product was serviced and/or repaired by another garage without our prior consent.

7. Privacy policy

Refer the privacy policy page for details.

8. Governing law and jurisdiction

All the provisions stated on this page adhere to the UK laws and regulations. Using our website implies, unconditionally, that you consent to fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales to settle any disputes related to your use of our website.

9. Severance

If any term defined here is deemed invalid, then another term mentioned on this page, with the intent that closely matches the intent of the original term, shall override it. Rest of the terms shall remain in effect.

10. Third-party rights

The terms stated on this page shall only be considered enforceable between you and us. No terms and conditions defined on this page can be enforced by a third-party.

11. Third-party websites

Our website may contain links to third-party sites. The links to these websites are provided for the sole purpose of your reference only. We do not own the content and features present on these websites. We are not liable for any damages caused to you because of using these websites. We request you to carefully examine the privacy statement and terms & conditions of these websites prior to using them.

12. Updating terms and conditions

We hold the right to revise the terms and conditions stated on this page whenever necessary. You must visit this page regularly to stay informed about the changes we bring about in our terms and conditions.