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Tyre labels were introduced by the European Union (EU) in 2012 and offer vital details about the characteristics of the tyres, enabling buyers to make well-informed purchases. The labels are presented in a standard format attached to all original tyres.

Features of the tyre label

The EU tyre label provides three main tyre characteristics:

Fuel efficiency

A coloured scale featuring some letters and an arrow indicates the fuel efficiency. These letters go from “A” to "G," and the scale is coloured from green to red. In this case, the highest fuel efficiency is shown by a green "A," while the lowest is shown by a red "G.” The difference between the best and the worst-rated tyre can be 7.5%. As tyres account for 20% of the car’s overall fuel consumption, you need to pick tyres wisely to save money.

Wet grip

The wet grip indicator features white letters on a black arrow. This scale also goes from A to G and represents the stopping distance of a tyre on wet surfaces. When braking at 50 mph, the distance between each letter from A to G is roughly 2.5 metres. This indicates that an A-rated tyre will stop 18 metres before a G-rated tyre on wet surfaces

Noise level

The sign of noise level is three "sound waves" next to the "loudspeaker." The tyre's noise while rotating is measured in “decibels (dB)” and rated by three black bars with the number written in white on the right. One black bar means the noise level is below the EU regulations, which is best, while two means it complies with the regulations, and three bars mean the worst noise performance.

Snow conditions

Winter tyres that are approved for being used in severe snow conditions can be recognised by 3PMSF (3 Peaks Mountain with Snow Flake). This symbol is given to those tyres that pass the test on compacted snow by measuring their braking distance and traction.

Ice conditions

Ice tyres that are suitable for use in extreme cold conditions can be identified by ice stalagmite. These tyres reduce the braking distance on ice-covered roads.

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