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It is very important to know the correct tyre size for your vehicle. The details of every tyre (numbers and letters) are visible on the sidewall. They inform vehicle owners of a tyre's size and physical features, like the aspect ratio, construction type, diameter, load index, and speed rating.

We would like to help you understand the information on this page.

Knowing the tyre size in the UK

For instance, let's take the UK's most common tyre size code: 205/55 R16 91T.

Width of the tyre

The first three digits of the code tell the width of the tyre in millimetres. Here, it is 205, which means the tyre will measure 205mm across both the sidewalls. A higher number means a broader width and better grip.

Aspect ratio (height of the sidewall)

Then come the next two digits, which denote the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the tyre width. Here, it is 55, meaning the sidewalls' height is 55% of the tyre's width.

Type of construction

The next one is an alphabet that indicates the type of construction of the tyre. You can see an 'R' here, which means it is a radial tyre. It is engineered with cord piles at an angle of 90 degrees to its direction of motion to add to its durability. Other examples are "B" for bias-ply or "D" for diagonal construction.

Diameter of the rim

The number followed by 'R' tells the diameter of the rim in inches for which this tyre will be an ideal fit. Here, it is 16, which means tyres with this code imprinted are meant for a 16-inch rim.

Tyre load index

Information about each tyre's load index is contained in the first two digits that come after the diameter of the rim. Here, 91 stands for the maximum load in kilogrammes that a tyre, when inflated to the correct air pressure level, can withstand.

Speed rating

In tyre size codes, the final alphabet denotes the maximum speed the tyre can sustain without risk. It is a scale from "A" to "Y," where each letter represents a higher permitted speed limit in kilometres per hour. Here, the letter 'T' denotes a maximum value of 118mph.

For maximum performance and safety, you must buy tyres that perfectly fit the specifications of your car. If you are not sure whether you have the right tyres fitted, have a look at your car's handbook.

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