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Michelin Tyres

Founded in 1889, Michelin is one of the oldest and most widely known tyre companies. Based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, it is the second-largest tyre manufacturer in the world, with a diverse portfolio of tyres. Michelin tyres are well-known worldwide for their high performance, control, durability, and reliability.

If you want a value-for-money brand to upgrade your old car tyres, opt for Michelin tyres UK. At Buy More Tyres, we stock a diverse range of reliable yet cheap Michelin tyres for every season and every type of car.

What makes Michelin such a good choice?

Tyres for diverse driving needs

Michelin offers a diverse range of tyres that cater to various driving habits. Whether you are a sports car owner seeking reliable tyres for high-speed driving or an SUV owner seeking a robust tyre, they have them all.

Season-compatible tyres

Michelin offers an entire line of seasonal tyres. From summer and winter tyres to all-season tyres, Michelin manufactures a wide range of options that support diverse driving conditions.

Strong and durable

Michelin tyres' particular designs and materials ensure their stability and longevity.


With rigorous R&D, Michelin has come out with tyres with low rolling resistance, which improves fuel economy and lowers carbon emissions.

Some popular Michelin tyres UK

Some of our best-sellers, which can put an end to your search for "tyres near me," are:

4x4 Diamaris

Upgrade your car's traction and performance with Michelin's 4X4 Diamaris units. These can be the ideal model for your SUV.

Latitude Sport 3

These products are another fantastic addition to Michelin's selection of 4x4 tyres. Their tread pattern's continuous central rib design provides outstanding braking and acceleration capabilities. Additionally, the two-ply carcass guarantees a smooth driving experience.

Pilot Alpin PA4

With Michelin's Pilot Alpin PA4 tyres, you can get improved traction and increased driving safety on snow-covered roads during the winter. These units have a lot of sipes in the tread pattern to maximise handling and grip. This tyre's Helio compound rubber composition guarantees superior stability and steering performance.

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All tyres by Michelin
Price from £52.10
Energy Saver
Price from £52.30
Primacy 4
Price from £55.40
CrossClimate 2
Price from £57.80
e Primacy
Price from £62.50
Primacy 4 E
Price from £64.05
Pilot Sport 3
Price from £71.09
Primacy 4 S1
Price from £81.24
Pilot Exalto 2
Price from £81.48
Pilot Sport 4
Price from £68.10
Primacy HP
Price from £85.98
Pilot Sport 5
Price from £72.30
Primacy 3
Price from £76.20
Primacy 4 S2
Price from £74.30
Agilis 3
Price from £79.40
Price from £79.95
Primacy 3 DT1
Price from £83.85
Pilot Sport 2
Price from £84.10
Agilis CrossClimate
Price from £84.20
Pilot Super Sport
Price from £84.70
Latitude Tour HP
Price from £87.54
Agilis Alpin
Price from £99.95
Agilis 3 DT
Price from £91.30
Pilot Super Sport HN
Price from £92.95
Latitude Cross
Price from £107.50
Pilot Sport 4 SUV
Price from £93.80
Latitude Sport 3
Price from £94.00
XC4S Taxi
Price from £114.89
Crossclimate 2 SUV
Price from £102.90
Latitude Cross DT
Price from £99.95
Price from £121.14
Primacy 3 S1
Price from £102.95
Pilot Sport 4 S
Price from £119.30
CrossClimate SUV
Price from £103.65
Pilot Sport 4 DT1
Price from £106.65
Primacy 3 GRNX
Price from £131.52
Pilot Sport 4 S DT1
Price from £133.62
Latitude Sport
Price from £113.20
Pilot Sport PS2
Price from £100.90
Crossclimate Camping
Price from £132.15
e Primacy 2
Price from £139.95
Pilot Sport 4 S1
Price from £139.95
Pilot Sport 4S
Price from £140.50
Price from £170.71
Pilot Sport EV
Price from £180.90
Pilot Sport Cup 2
Price from £197.28
Price from £199.98
Price from £200.16
Pilot Alpin PA4
Price from £202.50
Primacy All Season
Price from £169.55
Price from £203.94
Pilot Alpin 5
Price from £220.92
Price from £245.94
Price from £302.94
Pilot Sport S 5
Price from £323.94
Pilot Sport AS 4
Price from £498.78
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