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Winter tyres

In winter, icy and snow-covered roads can be a challenge and could lead to dangerous situations if you are using summer or even all-season tyres. You will need a tyre that is specially designed to tackle the unpredictable winter weather and road conditions in the UK.

Opt for a set of high-quality winter tyres for better performance and driving safety. These tyres are made with a higher content of softer rubber compounds and boast special features that enable them to provide better grip, handling, and braking performance when temperatures go below 7 °C.

If you are looking for a new set of reliable yet cheap winter tyres for your vehicle, Buy More Tyres is perfect for you! We have an inventory stocked with top-quality winter tyres UK from various renowned brands.

Whether you are looking for a premium, mid-range or economy winter tyre, we have the best-suited options for your budget and needs.

Why choose winter tyres?

The following are some distinguishing features that make winter tyres imperative in cold climate conditions:

Tread design and depth

Winter tyres are designed with deeper treads. These treads do not allow slush to build up in the cavities. Winter variants provide excellent grip and traction on icen and snow-covered roads.

Biting edges

Winter tyres have a greater number of tiny slits (sipes) as compared to summer tyre models. These sipes help them get better traction and grip on slippery roads.

Specific rubber compounds

Winter tyres are made with special rubber compounds and have a higher percentage of natural rubber. It keeps tyres soft and flexible, even when there is a drastic drop in temperature.

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